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Session 4

Methodological developments and monitoring systems


Dr. Natalie Orlowski, Uni Freiburg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Youri Rothfuss, Research Centre Juelich, Germany

Invited speaker:
Dr. Matthias Sprenger, IDAEA, Spain

Owing to advances in analytical techniques, studies applying environmental tracer methods are now tackling complex interactions between soil processes, plant physiology and ecology, and variable atmospheric drivers at unprecedented spatial and temporal frequency. Methodological advances are being rapidly applied, and have a strong bearing on process understanding and interpretation of findings. This session aims at addressing the current state of the art of methods, applications, and process interpretations using environmental tracers in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum and to foster interdisciplinary exchange. This session spans experimental and modeling studies that present methodological developments and applications of environmental tracers to improve the actual knowledge of the water and nutrient exchanges at the cross-disciplinary interfaces between soils, plants and atmosphere.