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Session 3

Ecohydrological storages and fluxes mediated by plants


Dr. Maren Dubbert, Uni Freiburg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Arthur Gessler, WSL, Switzerland

Invited speaker:
Dr. Matthias Beyer, TU Braunschweig, Germany

Ongoing research has shown that plants play an evitable role in the hydrological cycle by influencing the amount of incoming rainfall (interception), the infiltration capacity and dominant flowpaths in the soil, the depth and amount of soil water storage and the amount of groundwater recharge. Plants also account for 50-70 % of terrestrial evapotranspiration losses that are controlled by a process interaction of plant available water, root water uptake, xylem transport, stomatal control and atmospheric boundary conditions. Classical ecohydrological perspectives have focused on the roles of rooting depth and water content of just soils, but have largely under-considered the roles of nutrients, competition, and geology in controlling the ecosystem water storage and its partitioning among evaporation, transpiration, and percolation. For this session we invite all contributions that present research in which tracers are used to investigate how interactions between plants and their environments determine the partitioning and redistribution of water in ecosystems under changing climate.