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Session 1

Transport processes and residence times in ecohydrological systems


Dr. Michael Rinderer, Uni Freiburg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Markus Hrachowitz, TU Delft, Netherlands

Invited speaker:
Ass. Prof. Dr. Giulia Zuecco, Uni Padua, Italy 

The rapid development of novel analytical instruments allows for high-frequency measurements of water and its constituents. This opens new opportunities for estimation of water flowpaths, water flux quantification or new model developments for e.g., dynamic transit times of water in different hydrological systems and plants. However, different tracers ranging from natural tracers (e.g., isotopes of water, carbon and nitrogen, water temperature) to noble gas tracers and other natural and anthropogenic substances, capture different residence times, and the analytical techniques and limitations of each tracer are quite variable. Thus, it remains challenging to combine different tracers to cover the range of relevant time scales throughout the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. New modeling and analytical techniques have been proposed to address this challenge. This session aims at identifying progress, challenges, and opportunities in the use of diverse tracers to quantify the residence time or transit time of water and its constituents in ecosystems under changing climate. The session spans contributions from the catchment to the plot scale across an array of tracers and modeling techniques.